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Mid-Century Table Lamps

Pair of Ceramic Blue Green Table Lamps with Shades


This is a striking pair of mid-century ceramic table lamps with shades. They are an eye-catching fade of blue and green with some nice subtle drip effects. The shades are vintage and I would assume original to them. This pair is from the 1960s and although they are not marked they are most likely made by the Phil-Mar Company of California.

These lamps are in immaculate condition. I find no chips, nicks, cracks or flea bites anywhere on them. There is no crazing of the glaze. They have both been re-wired with a 3 way socket.

They measure 40 inches tall with the shade.The base is about 21 inches to the top of the ceramic body and 34 to the top of the harp. They are 9 inches at their widest.

This is a beautifully done and kept pair of mid-century lamps.



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