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We are Snowdrift Antiques and we are based in Colorado and we specialize in mid-century modern furniture, decor and accessories.  Although this is a new website, we aren't new to this. We have been selling online for many years. We know what you expect in an online seller and we are here to make sure things go smoothly and that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Read on below for information on what you can expect when you buy from Snowdrift Antiques.


As you may have noticed there is no cart and checkout process here.  That is by design. After doing this for just a short time, it became obvious to me early on that buying from an online store is not a cookie cutter process, especially when it comes to large items. It is a big purchase that requires special attention.


If you are going to buy a piece of mid-century furniture, lighting or whatever it is from us, we can do it better than just click and buy. Send me an email or text, or call me.  I am sure you, as well as I, will have questions.

The main thing we can figure out is shipping or maybe even delivery by me.  Where is it going and how much might it cost to get it there?  We can't know that if I don't know where you are. Are you reasonably close to Denver, CO?  Would you like to go to our shop and see the piece before you buy it? When do you need it and when can you accept delivery? And let's not even get started on taxes. We will have to go over all of this eventually anyway so we may as well get to it first. 

So look around and come back often. I plan to add new pieces weekly.  If there is something in particular you are looking for,  let me know and I will keep my eye out.

I can promise you, at Snowdrift Antiques we stand behind our inventory and our service.


Shoot me an email, text or give me a call.

Visit our 920 sq foot space at...

The Antique Exchange

1500 South Broadway

Denver, CO 80210


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