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Mid-Century Davis Cup Art

Art Deco Style Cassandre Framed Print for 1932 Davis Cup


Adolphe Mouron Cassandre was born in Ukraine in 1901 and moved to Paris in 1915. He was a groundbreaking painter who revitalized advertising poster design and successfully manipulated its psychological impact. His innovative posters were intended to be seen from fast-moving vehicles. He initiated the concept of a group of posters being viewed in rapid succession to form a complete idea. Cassandre also theorized that words and images must instantly trigger emotions and mental associations. Influenced by Cubism, his posters were highly geometric and mathematically organized. Cassandre’s renowned works included covers for Harper’s Bazaar and the Yves Saint Laurent logo. Repeated episodes of depression eventually resulted in suicide in 1968 in Paris, France.

This lithograph was produced in 1980, based on the 1932 original “Coupe Davis” artwork. The re-issue was done with the authorization of his grandson, Henri Mouron, then head of the Cassandre Estate.

This artwork was originally designed to promote the 1932 Davis Cup International Lawn Tennis Challenge Round at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, France on July 29-31, 1932. The US Team lost to France 3-2. It is classic Cassandre, featuring a strong art deco style. It depicts the silhouette of a tennis player behind the net with a huge tennis ball in the air, approaching the viewer.

There are several pieces of text on the piece that are worth noting.

• This version of the print is known as “signed” as the top left corner contains “A.M. Cassandre ’32 “
• On the bottom left border of the print is “STUDIO EDITIONS 59, rue de PONTHIEU, PARIS 75008 Tél. 527. 80 36 “
• On the bottom right border is “PRINTED IN FRANCE by REDOS 14 av. F. FAURE. PARIS”

This print is in near mint condition. It was purchased and framed immediately, spending no period of time unframed, outside of the shop. It is in a black metal frame with adjustable hardware on the back and is protected by anti-glare glass. Over its lifetime it has had very little exposure to sunlight.

The outside measurements of the frame are 35¾” x 27¼” x 1”. 


It can be seen and purchased at ...


The Antique Exchange
1500 South Broadway
Denver, CO


Questions about or to purchase contact me at...



Shipping is available.

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