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Black Iron and Amber Cylinder Wall Light

Black Iron and Amber Cylinder Wall Light


A vintage iron and eight hexagonal cylinder wall lighting fixture offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


This vintage wall lighting fixture is not marked so we don’t know who made it. It is probably from the 1970s or 1980s. It is designed to be hardwired into a wall box, where a receptacle sits for example, or it could be easily adapted to plug into an outlet. It is wired in the back of the frame for easy access for either type of mounting.


The black iron frame measures 25” high by 54 wide. The overall area is a little larger since the bottom two lights extend beyond the frame.  A hexagonal resin cylinder measures 8” tall by 3 ½ in diameter.  The textured surface of the amber panels provides warm, ambient mood lighting. Elongated bulbs are provided to make full use of the cylindrical fixture shape.  An additional cylindrical fixture is included, just in case.


This piece is in excellent vintage condition.  All of the lamps work and I find no damage to the iron frame.


This is a beautifully done, unusual piece.  In my attempts to identify the maker, I never found another like it.


It can be seen and purchased at ...

The Antique Exchange

1500 South Broadway

Denver, CO


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