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Chromcraft Mid-Century Vinyl and Chrome Bar with 4 Stools

Chromcraft Mid-Century Vinyl and Chrome Bar with 4 Stools


A vintage chrome and black tufted vinyl two piece bar with 4 stools offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


Although this piece bears no maker’s marks, I am certain it was produced by the company Chromcraft, probably in the 1960s.  Chromcraft was founded in St. Louis, Missouri. in 1908 as the American Fixture and Showcase Company. They became Chromcraft in 1937 when they began producing the very cool kitchen dinettes they became famous for. Your parents or grandparents probably had one of their dinettes in the kitchen. After a merger in 1990s, they are still in business today as Chromcraft Revington Inc. .


This vintage bar is classic Chromcraft with its deeply tufted vinyl, swivel stools and individually height adjustable feet. Each stool has a foot ring for comfort.  The bar features a curved section and a straight section that can be connected together with the curve on either end as needed.  Both pieces have a large chrome footrail for sitting comfort. It has a durable, wood grain laminate. There are two shelves underneath for plenty of storage.  The two bar pieces can be connected inside with the 2 long bolts that are included, providing stability of the two pieces as one unit.  The bar has the same adjustable feet as the stools allowing them to be leveled as needed.


The overall footprint of this piece is 82 inches long by 43 deep and it stands 43 inches tall.


This set is in excellent vintage condition. The chrome is shiny and without rust.  There are some signs of minor wear on the footrail as would be expected. The stools swivel easily. There are a couple of minor rubs to the vinyl on the hand cushion of the bar. The laminate top is in excellent condition. There is one very well done, small vinyl repair, about an inch long, on the straight bar section, that is difficult to find. Some of the chrome tufting button have an aged patina on them. Overall, it is in excellent condition  with much less than age appropriate wear.


This very hard to find piece is waiting for its next home where it can be used and enjoyed.



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