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Danish Farmhouse J77 Chair

Danish Farmhouse J77 Chair


A vintage J77 Danish Farmhouse chair by Folke Pålsson offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


This Danish farmhouse chair is known as the J77.  It was designed by Folke Pålsson in the 1960s. Folke Pålsson was a part of the FDB design collective. Its design was a streamlined version of the classic Windsor chair. It was produced by FDB Møbler of Denmark. It has the foil sticker underneath.


Manufacturing of a reproduction of the J77 was begun in 2011 by a company called Hay Furniture. Of course, careful scrutiny of the teak original compared to the reproduction in beech reveals the small details that exist between the two that add up to a create a very different looking chair.


This is NOT the reproduction.  This is the original FDB model.


This teak beauty is the perfect combination of Danish minimalism and farmhouse chic.  It is in excellent vintage condition.The spindle back and tapered legs combined with a seat that curves underneath. The teak is bright in color with great grain.  It has been oiled lightly to relive it from the Colorado dryness.


It has a back height of 30 ½ inches. With a seat height and width of 17 inches and a seat depth of 13 inches. The maximum back width is at the seat and measures 17 inches.


This chair is perfect as an accent chair or to add to your set.


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