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Danish Z Chair Imported by Selig

Danish Z Chair Imported by Selig


A mid-century Danish Z chair imported from Denmark by Selig from Snowdrift Antiques.


The Selig Furniture Company was founded in 1931 in Gardner, Massachusetts by Mendell Selig and Sam Wexler. By the 1950s Selig had become the America’s leading producer and importer of contemporary furniture. Selig particularly focused on importing high end designs from Denmark and Sweden. In fact, Selig was most responsible for introducing and popularizing the modern interior style that became so prevalent in the United States in post-war era. In the 1970s Selig was purchased by the Simmons mattress company.


Selig Z chairs feature classic sweeping, elegant lines and an open design that epitomizes the Danish modern look.  Poul Jensen of Denmark designed these chairs in the in the late 1950s, obtaining the patent in November 1958.  These chairs were made of walnut, beech or teak. They feature a slatted back and crisscrossed upholsterer’s webbing to support the seat cushion. The buyer should be aware that there are many companies and individuals producing new “Z Style chairs”. Also, even if it is vintage it is not necessarily a Selig Z chair because of its shape. A real Selig Z chair will never show bolts or screws and will always have its Selig badge on the front right corner of the seat.


This authentic Selig Z chair is in excellent vintage condition. It has replaced seat webbing and clips to provide firm support under the cushion.  Most original Z chairs need this upgrade to provide a comfortable seat after so many years.  The cushions have been professionally re-covered in new, vintage style fabric by Knoll. The wood is in beautiful condition with only minor wear here and there. It has been oiled lightly to relieve it from decades of Colorado dryness. Of course, the round Selig badge is present in the front right corner of the seat frame. It is the flag of Denmark and says “Made and Finished in Denmark Imported by Selig”.


The chair measures 33 inches deep from front leg to back leg and measures 29 inches wide.


This is an iconic Danish modern Z Chair by Selig with the upholstery in excellent vintage condition. You don’t find these very often.


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