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Mid-Century Abstract Watercolor

Framed and Signed Original Watercolor by TF Poduska


This is a large abstract original watercolor by Thelma Fleming (TF) Poduska. She was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1925. On being an artist she said, “It is funny I didn't choose to be an artist. Drawing and painting was just something I did. In third grade I had so many pictures hung about the room and I signed them TF, the teacher started to call me TF and I've been TF ever since."

With her BA degree in Art from Iowa State Teacher’s College, she chose not to teach but to turn her love into her vocation. She married and moved to Colorado in 1948. With her studio in her home, sales and accolades soon followed. She received the Colorado Governors Award for the Arts and Humanities in 1977. As well as...

Trustee Denver Art Museum 1977-1983
1st Arts Delegation to China by People to People, 1986
Foothills Art Center Board 1990-1992
Cile Bach Volunteer Award, Denver Art Museum, 1991.

Her Exhibitions include …
1993 National Watercolor Invitational, Flagstaff, AZ
1992 University of Texas, San Antonio, TX
1989 Exhibition to Bombay Barana & Medebad, India
NAWA 100 works, 100 Years Traveling Exhibition
invited artist Watercolor USA Springfield, MO 1980
National Academy of Design, NY, NY 1979, 78, 77
American Watercolor Society NY, NY 1978, 77, 76, 74.

Her family and the art world grieved her passing in Denver, Colorado in December of 2015.

This is a beautiful abstract watercolor in various shades of orange, gold, copper, brown and yellow with horizontal features that are complimented by the overall vertical flow. It is signed “TF PodusKa” in the bottom right corner. As she was famous for, this piece is large. Written on the back in pencil is “ 45 ¼” x 44 ¾ “ / #UM70” and then separately, “UM70”. It has been mounted, framed with a dark and complimentary frame with filet and protected by museum quality , UV-filtering acrylic. Framed it is approximately 48 inches square with a depth of 1 3⁄8 inches. It is probably from the 1970s or possibly early 1980s.

There is some reflection in the images from the shop lighting. It should be seen in person to fully appreciate its beauty.

This is a striking original watercolor by one of Iowa/Colorado’s most talented artists. Its color palette will be the focal point of any room.

It can be seen and purchased at ...


The Antique Exchange
1500 South Broadway
Denver, CO


Questions about or to purchase contact me at...



Shipping is available.

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