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Hand Carved Wooden Giraffe

Hand Carved Wooden Giraffe


A vintage hand-carved giraffe offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


This beautifully done piece is not marked. Being very out of my element in identification, I turned to a colleague who deals in these types of pieces and spends considerable time in Africa.


His opinion is that it was done by a very skilled craftsman in Africa, most likely carved from teak in the 1960s in the present-day country of Zimbabwe (previously Rhodesia).


The detail in this piece is remarkable. The face bears a very pleasant, almost smiling, expression.  The legs and body are exacting in their detail and workmanship. My colleague was impressed by the fact that the spots were made by carving the edges into the wood, then staining the edges darker with no paint being used on the piece.  


She stands 80 inches tall on a substantial base with carved plant material to provide sturdy support.


She would be a graceful and beautiful addition to her new home.



It can be admired and purchased at ...


The Antique Exchange

1500 South Broadway

Denver, CO


Questions about or to purchase, contact me at... snowdriftantiques@gmail.com

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