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Hollywood Regency Highball Glasses

Hollywood Regency Highball Glasses


A Hollywood Regency style set of 8 vintage highball glasses with silver color lattice patterns and rings offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


This mid-century set of  8 highball glasses are in the style of glassware typically attributed to the manufacturer Kimiko and the designer Dorothy Thorpe.  They have that classic silver color graphics, which is probably platinum, and style that was very popular in the 1960s. Since these glasses aren’t signed, I am not going to claim that “bloodline”.  They are from the 1960s and they are striking.


These glasses feature a thick and a narrow band on and just below the rim. The remaining 2/3 of the glass has the silver colored graphics in a lattice pattern.


A glass stands 5 58  inches tall. They are slightly tapered with a top diameter of 2 1116  ths inches and a base diameter of 2 516  ths.  A glass holds about 14 fluid ounces. The have a nicely weighted base for a good feel.


This set is in excellent vintage condition. There is no dishwashing hazing and no wear to the graphics. There are no nicks, chips or fleabites anywhere on them. If they were ever used, it was rarely and gently. Each lattice graphics has an almost imperceptible rough edge where the graphics overlap. See image 9. I doubt you or anyone else would ever notice this.


This is a beautiful set of highball glasses that will add mid-century style to any table or bar.


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