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Mid-century Bedroom Lane Tuxedo

Mid-century Bedroom Lane Tuxedo


A mid-century 9 drawer dresser with a detached mirror and night stand from the Tuxedo line of Lane Furniture, offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


The Lane Furniture Company was founded in Altavista, VA in 1912. For decades they were known for their cedar chests.  By 1950 they saw Danish modern furniture imports begin to take hold in households.


The Tuxedo line from Lane is one of their more eye-catching, distinctive and harder to find lines. It features a walnut base with small rosewood bowtie inlays.  The metal handles are shaped with the same bowtie motif and look to be a brushed nickel finish. The Tuxedo line can bear either of two model numbers, 921 is the “Oiled Walnut” finish while 228 is the “Gunstock Walnut” finish. 


This piece is in the Gunstock finish and is model number 228-07 for the dresser and 228-08 for the mirror.  The dresser bears the serial number 061330, which tells us it was made on March 31, 1960. The top left drawer bears the Lane brand on the side wall.


This is a beautiful Lane Tuxedo 9 drawer dresser.  The left three drawers are wider than the 3 pairs of drawers on the right side. All of the drawers have the signature bowtie handles. The top of the dresser is a beautiful piece of walnut with rich grain and color and of course with the signature rosewood bowtie inlays. The tapered legs and clean lines are classic Lane mid-century styling.


The mirror is beautifully done as well with small metal accents on the corners that complement the drawer handles. It is not attached to the dresser and is designed to be hung on the wall.


The dresser measures 66 inches wide by 18 deep and 30 ½ high.  The mirror measures 45 ¾ by 38 inches and is currently configured to be hung horizontally.


This matching nightstand is model number 228-30.  It bears the serial number 061130, which tells us it was made on March 11, 1960. The top left drawer bears the Lane brand on the side wall.


All of the pieces are in excellent vintage condition. The wood has been lightly oiled to relieve it from decades of dry Colorado weather. The grain is rich and striated with excellent color. There is less than age appropriate wear for a suite that is 63 years old.  They have been well taken care of.


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