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Mid-Century Culver Glasses in Regency Green, Set of 8

Mid-Century Culver Glasses in Regency Green, Set of 8


A set of 8 mid-century style old fashion glasses with 22 K gold trim by Culver from Snowdrift Antiques.


Culver Ltd. was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1939. Back in the day, Culver glasses were known to be lavish and full of style with their 22K gold accents. Today they are still full of style and highly sought after as mid-century glassware. From the 1950s through the 1960s Culver gained fame and their products became collectible. They were known for being sold only at high end stores where people dressed up to go shopping. Culver was sold in 1996.


This set of eight Culver glasses is in the exceptionally beautiful pattern called “Regency Green”.  The pattern consists of Culver’s signature 22K gold trim with a light green tint surrounding geometrically accented ovals. Around the bottom part of the glass is a subtle highlight of a tight, triangular motif in light green. This pattern is certainly a perfect example of the “Regency” style, looking right at home in a 1960s mid-century modern dining room or bar.


Each glass stands 3 ½ inches tall with a rim diameter  of 3 9/16  ths. The glass is thick and gives good weight and feel when held.


This set is in excellent vintage condition.  There is practically no wear to the 22K gold trim. If they were used, it was rarely and gently.  I have provided some closeups to show the integrity of the gold. There are no nicks, chips or flea bites to the glass.


This is a beautiful set of 8 Culver old fashion glasses with a lot of mid-century style.


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