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Mid-Century Folding Woven Rope Chair

Mid-Century Folding Woven Rope Chair


A vintage, folding woven rope chair in the style of Hans Wegner offered by Snowdrift Antiques

This folding woven rope chair is probably from the 1960s.  It is not marked so we don’t know who made it or where it was made. You will often see chairs like this “attributed“ to the Danish designer Hans Wegner. You will also see them with claims to be designed or even made by him. So, while we don’t know exactly who designed it or made this specific model, we know it is most likely from Denmark, or possibly Sweden and was probably made in the 1960s.


I believe the wood frame of this chair is oak. These are thick, sturdy pieces with loops carved out of the pieces on the front edge to allow the paper cord to be wrapped through. The weaving of the rope is a work of art. It is wrapped around the edges and beautifully overlapped to create the seat and back. The arched legs are grooved to provide a track for the brass mechanism to slide and allow it to be folded for storage. Why you would want it out of sight, I have no idea, but you can if needed.


It has a front to back footprint of 31 inches The seat height is 15 inches with a width of 24. The top of the chair in back is 30 inches.


This chair is in excellent vintage condition.  It was well taken care of. The wood is in excellent condition, no doubt hardened over the decades by the Colorado climate. I have very lightly oiled it, where accessible, to relieve it slightly from the dryness. The woven rope is in beautiful condition.  It is clean and I find no breaks. On the seat where the rope wraps over the underneath wood base, there is some slight wear. See image 7.  The folding mechanism moves smoothly.


This is a beautiful example of a vintage folding, woven rope chair. 



It can be seen and purchased at ...

The Antique Exchange

1500 South Broadway

Denver, CO


Questions about or to purchase, contact me at... snowdriftantiques@gmail.com

Shipping is available.

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