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Danish Teak Dining Room Suite

Mid-Century Danish Teak Dining Room Table by Bramin with 4 Teak Chairs


Originally known as N.A. Jørgensen, Danish furniture manufacturer Bramin was founded in Bramming, a region on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula. Throughout the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, the company produced seating, tables, and case goods in a style representative of the Danish mid-century modern era. Bramin's ad campaigns promised "Deres garanti for kvalitet form og function" or “Quality, form, and function guaranteed.”

It was not until the mid-1960s, however, that the striking Bramin logo was created, with the rounded, lowercase central “a” standing out from the remaining block letters, seen in image 8.

In its heyday, Bramin collaborated with many well respected Danish designers, such as Johannes Andersen, Hans Olsen, Kurt Østervig, and Frank Reenskaug. However, Bramin’s most successful relationship was undoubtedly with H.W Klein, a Norwegian-born designer who moved to Denmark in 1960 to work for the company.

For decades, the region of Bramming was a major hub for the Danish furniture industry, boasting 20 factories at its peak. Particularly hard hit by the global recession in the early-1980s, many Bramming-based businesses closed, Bramin included.

The designer of this Bramin dining room table is uncertain but it was most likely Norwegian linguist/mathematician/designer Henry Walter Klein. The table is slightly curved on two sides and is beautifully trimmed along the edges. It has flattened, tapered legs. The table separates in the middle to allow a large single leaf to be inserted. The mark underneath indicates it was made on January 18, 1968. It also has its classic blue Bramin sticker.

The table measures 47 inches square by 29 inches high. The single leaf is massive, adding 29 ½ inches to the length for a total of 76 ½ inches.

The chairs are not Bramin but a very close match that were produced by Bangkok Form Co. Ltd. of Thailand. It is difficult to find info on this company but I have information from the previous owner that the chairs have been with the table for “a long time”. I would assume they were one of many teak furniture manufacturing companies in the 1960-70s in Thailand. Teak, being indigenous to southeast Asia, was widely used in furniture making in the region to accompany and compete with the Danish furniture of the period.

These teak chairs feature a fabric seat and back in a cream and beige diagonal print fabric. The backs angle nicely for comfort.

The table is in excellent vintage condition. It has minor wear on top. See the most significant scratch in image 10. I have oiled it lightly to relieve it from the Colorado dryness which exposes the beautiful teak grain and color.

The chairs are in very good vintage condition. The grain and color of the teak is beautiful and coordinates perfectly with the table. The fabric is in amazing condition. It is neutral with nice texture but incredibly clean. One chair had a split on the front leg. It has been thoroughly glued and enhanced with a metal brace. See image 9.



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