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Mid-Century Dining Room Table with Drexel Chairs

Mid-Century Dining Room Table with Drexel Chairs


A mid-century dining room table with an integrated butterfly leaf and an extra leaf with Drexel chairs from Snowdrift Antiques.


This vintage dining room table is not marked sufficiently to identify its maker. It could be Drexel Furniture but that is uncertain.  It is a beautifully grained oval walnut table with an integrated butterfly leaf and a locking mechanism underneath.  It  also has an extra leaf that can be added. It has tapered legs with a slight knob at the end. It is probably from the mid-1950s to 1960s.


The table measures 60” x 40 x 29 ½ H in its smallest configuration.  Raising the butterfly leaf provides an extra 12 inches in length.  Adding the separate 2nd leaf (not shown) adds another 12 inches for a maximum length of 84.


I have oiled the wood to relieve it from dryness and the wood grain is beautiful.  It has some age appropriate wear here and there but overall is in excellent vintage condition.


It comes with four curved back walnut chairs that have been with it for decades, possibly its entire life.  They are marked as 385X80 chairs by Drexel Furniture. These chairs are covered with a white vinyl and have stretcher bars between the tapered front and back legs.


The “383” mark in pencil underneath the table leads me to believe this table and the 385 marked chairs are both Drexel and were originally purchased together.


These chairs are in excellent condition. There is very minor wear to the wood here and there. The vinyl is in excellent condition with no stains or cuts.


This is a very nice walnut dining room suite with mid-century styling.

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