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Mid-Century Flat End Table, Lane Acclaim

Mid-Century Flat End Table, Lane Acclaim


A mid-century flat end table from the Acclaim line of Lane Furniture from Snowdrift Antiques.


The Lane Furniture Company was founded in Altavista, VA in 1912. For decades they were known for their cedar chests. By 1950 they saw Danish modern furniture imports begin to take hold in households. The Acclaim line of Lane furniture was one of their first and probably their most recognizable foray into this market. The Acclaim line is often called “the dovetail collection” for its striking use of oak, walnut and fruit woods to create a non-functional but highly decorative and contrasting dovetail look. This line was designed by Andre Bus and introduced in 1958 and produced through the very early 1970s.

Lane went to extreme lengths to make sure the wood chosen for Acclaim furniture was of the highest quality.

~ Original Lane Acclaim advertisement~
“The inlaid dovetailed border. The warm, rich, seasoned walnut. The satiny finish only hand-rubbing can achieve! One after another, custom details you’ll see in every beautiful Acclaim table by Lane! And underneath it all – craftsmanship where it counts! In the sturdy top that won’t warp, won’t split. In joinings, locked to a grown-together fit. In legs so exact, so firmly planted, there’s no rock, no wobble, no place for it to start! Indeed the proudest cabinetmaker might have made this table. But never at anything near the modest Lane price you pay!”

This Lane Acclaim flat end table is Acclaim style 900-05. The wood has great grain and color and is the original finish. I strongly prefer the original finish on an Acclaim because of the high contrast seen when they are re-finished. There is a double stretcher bar with two spindle supports under each side. There is a shelf underneath with a curved front edge. Underneath is the Lane maker's mark as well as its serial number "361560".

Reading this serial number backwards should tell us its date of manufacture. I have seen this on occasion where someone gets confused and transposes a couple of numbers. The serial number should probably be “365160”, indicating its manufacture date of June 15, 1963.

This table measures 28 x 21 x 20 inches high.

This table is in excellent vintage condition. There are no water marks and only minor signs of normal wear. There are no repairs and the construction is solid. I have oiled it lightly to relieve it from the Colorado dryness. The grain and color are strong and beautiful as Acclaims usually are.

This is a beautiful Lane Acclaim end table for your mid-century living space. We also have an Acclaim Step End table and the Acclaim Round Cocktail Table in this shop.



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