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Mid-century Laminate and Metal End Tables

Mid-century Laminate and Metal End Tables


A pair of mid-century end tables by The Howell Company offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


The Howell Company of St. Charles, Illinois was founded in 1860 as a manufacturer of cast iron products such as flat irons and piano benches. By 1923 they began making metal furniture for all rooms of the home. In 1929 they introduced tubular steel furniture which gained national attention and a lot of sales when it was showcased at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933 and the New York World’s Fair in 1939.

Howell was the first American company to hire Wolfgang Hoffman, a Bauhaus trained designer, to style their first modern outdoor line. Wolfgang Hoffman was the son of Josef Hoffman the famed Austrian architect/designer who founded the Vienna Secession and also established the venerable Wiener Werkstaate for decorative arts. Howell’s tubular steel furniture became known for futuristic style and well-made durability.


This pair of end tables is classic Howell with their cool mid-century lines and painted metal bases with socket brass feet. Pick one of these up and you can appreciate the strength and durability by its weight. The top is a beautifully done hard finished, wood grained laminate. There is a smaller lower shelf of the same material. Each table has its original Howell label indicating these are Model 3719 in the Color they called “Imperial” and in the Design of “Walnut”. On the underneath side of the small shelf is a date stamp that tells us they were made on December 20, 1962.


A table measures 28 x 18 inches and a height of 21 ¼. The low shelf measures 11 ½ by 10 inches.



At 64 years of age, they have been well kept and are in excellent vintage condition. There is some very minor wear to an edge here and there but the tops are free of nicks, water rings or chips. The paint on the legs is remarkable. The brass socket feet are shiny and reticulate easily.


This is a beautiful set of end tables, especially if you are seeking a “non-wood”, easy to care for look in your mid-century space.


It can be seen and purchased at ...

The Antique Exchange

1500 South Broadway

Denver, CO


Questions about or to purchase, contact me at... snowdriftantiques@gmail.com

Shipping is available.

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