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Mid-century Metal Wall Sculpture by Ken Young

Mid-century Metal Wall Sculpture by Ken Young


A mid-century metal wall sculpture of birds arranged on a radial background signed and numbered by Ken Young offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


Kenneth Rollins Young was born and raised in Lubbock, TX and attended Texas Tech University.  After a stint in Vietnam he moved to Breckinridge, Colorado to become a metal sculptor. He traveled the art show circuit for years and took on large commissioned pieces from corporations and individuals. After a series of mini-strokes caused by exposure to metal dust, he moved back to Lubbock, TX and waged a successful return to the form of art that was his first love, photography.


Ken passed away in Roaring Springs, TX on March 25, 2017 at the age of 69.


This beautiful and airy piece is made of steel, copper and brass and features 24 birds arranged on radial spokes with an open center.


The bird in the 3 o’clock position has a strong signature, “Ken Young 77 32/50”. It is piece #32 of a series of 50 that was made in 1977, almost certainly in Breckinridge, Colorado.


This beautiful work measures 42 inches in diameter and has a depth of about 4 inches.


This numbered piece is in excellent vintage condition.  All of the birds are present and the spokes are all straight and accounted for. There is no tarnish or pitting.


It can be admired and purchased at the address in the listing.


Delivery or local pickup in the Denver area is available. There is no shipping on this one, just to be safe.



It can be seen and purchased at ...


The Antique Exchange

1500 South Broadway

Denver, CO


Questions about or to purchase, contact me at... snowdriftantiques@gmail.com

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