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Mid-century Small Pyrex Carafe on Warming Stand

Mid-century Small Pyrex Carafe on Warming Stand


A vintage 1960s small Pyrex carafe with atomic gold star pattern on gold tone stand offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


This is a cool vintage atomic era small Pyrex glass coffee carafe with black lid and handle. It has a 5-cup capacity and features a pattern of stylized gold stars around the carafe. The carafe is in very good vintage condition with only a few very light scratches to the gold stars. It is free of chips or cracks and the black plastic lid and handle are in excellent condition, the lid stays on nicely when the carafe is tipped for pouring. The carafe is marked PYREX Made in USA near the base and there are level marks for 2 and 4 cups.


The carafe measures 7“ high from the base to the tip of the lid and has a 4½ “ diameter at the base. When on the stand, the overall height is 9”.


The round gold tone warming stand includes a candle holder with wax that can be lit to keep the coffee or other beverage warm. The stand has some minor oxidation which is typical for stands of this time period.


This pattern and small carafe style was not very common so this one is a treasure!


This is carafe, on its original stand, would be a great addition to any midcentury coffee bar.


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