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Swedish Bar and Tea Cart

Mid-Century Swivel Top Drop Leaf Bar or Tea/Coffee Cart from Sweden


This is a mid-century bar cart made in Sweden. It can sit with two leaves dropped down and it can also be swiveled to allow the extra leaves to open, providing much more service space when needed. There is also a removable curved wood serving tray that rests underneath and can be used as a service tray. The tapered legs have brass caps and wheels. This cart is made of what I believe to be tiger maple. It is not teak. Underneath it is marked “Made in Sweden” with the remnants of a blue and silver sticker that probably would have revealed the maker. Whoever made it, it is a beautiful and unusual bar cart from the 1960s.

With both leaves dropped, it measures 30 inches by 16 1⁄8 x 22 1⁄8 high. Each leaf adds 12 inches, making it 30 x 40 1⁄8 x22 1⁄8 when opened.

This piece is in excellent vintage condition. Overall it has much less than age appropriate wear. The top surfaces are beautiful. I have seen one other cart like this one, and like this one, whatever rubber material was used for the wheels is long gone. I have put black rubber rings around the brass wheels to allow smooth, quiet rolling. They are very inconspicuous and could easily be removed if you prefer. I have oiled this piece to revive the wood from the Colorado dryness and it glows.

This is a beautiful mid-century Swedish bar cart that is very hard to find, especially with the serving tray underneath.


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