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Mid-Century Teak End Table

Mid-Century Teak End Table with Butcher Block Motif


This teak side table is probably from Sweden although it is not marked, which is a shame. It has the look of furniture made by the Swedish company, Dux Furniture.


It has an unusual design with small pieces of teak put together to form the surface, similar to a butcher block. The joinery work on the top end of the legs is particularly eye catching. The top ends are composed of alternating light and dark wood strips that form a curve where it meets the table. I’m not sure if the darker strips of the leg are rosewood, but it gives a very cool look.  It is probably from the 1970s.


This table measures 27 ½ inches square and stands 20 inches to the surface.


This table is in excellent vintage condition.  It has no glass rings, lamp shadows and virtually no wear.


This is a very nice mid-century side table that is a little something different than just a plain teak top.



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