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Triangular Selig End table

Mid-Century Teak Triangular Table with Cane Shelf by Selig Furniture


This is a mid-century teak end table with a cane shelf designed by Poul Jensen for Selig Furniture.

The Selig Furniture Company was founded in 1931 in Gardner, Massachusetts by Mendell Selig and Sam Wexler. By the 1950s Selig had become the America’s leading producer and importer of contemporary furniture. Selig particularly focused on importing high end designs from Denmark and Sweden. In fact, Selig was most responsible for introducing and popularizing the modern interior style that became so prevalent in the United States in post-war era. In the 1970s Selig was purchased by the Simmons mattress company.

This is a beautiful three sided teak end table with tapered edges which are a Poul Jensen signature. Of course underneath is the red integrated button, "Made in Denmark/ Imported by Selig". It was made in the 1960s.

This table measures 25½ inches down the center by 26 ½ inches wide and 17 ¼ high.

This table is in excellent vintage condition. There is very minor wear to the surface but no dark lamp spots. It is structurally sound and well made. The cane shelf is intact and without breaks.

This is a gorgeous and difficult to find Poul Jensen creation that is pure Danish Modern style.



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