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Saguaro Cactus Floor Lamp

Saguaro Cactus Floor Lamp


A saguaro cactus floor lamp from Snowdrift Antiques.


This floor lamp is made from the “skeleton” of a saguaro cactus. More precisely, these hard, woody stalks are called "ribs". A cactus with a height like this one was probably about 25 to 30 years old. The spaces between the ribs gives space for light too come out and provide ambiance from the socket and bulb installed in the depths of the cactus.


This lamp stands 54 inches high on the tallest ribs and measures about 9 inches diameter at its widest point.


It has a roller switch in the cord for turning it off and on.


Currently it has an orange filament bulb because I love orange and it gives a nice color with the beige of the cactus ribs.


This is a very cool piece of nature that is just as at home in southwestern décor as it is in mid-century surroundings.



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