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Set of 4 Blue Stem Martini Glasses

Set of 4 Blue Stem Martini Glasses


A vintage set of 4 “Mariner” blue stem martini glasses by Bombay Sapphire offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


This is a set of 4 martini glasses from Bombay Sapphire with a blue twist stem which is the pattern called “Mariner”.  These glasses were produced in 2002 for Bombay Sapphire to promote their gin. This promotion was started in 1994 and were produced through 2008, using various glass designs and styles in various shades of blue.


Some research uncovered the fact that most of these promotional glasses were machine-made by Libby Glass, without the Libby mark. However, some of the models over the years, especially the 2002 Mariner, were made by 1 Source Signature Glassware Inc. Their glasses were mouth blown, not machine made.  If you look closely at these, on one of the glasses you can see a very tiny bubble, evidence of being mouthblown.


This 2002 Mariner pattern features a thick, hefty, squared stem with a slight twist in it. The base is also thick to give the entire glass good weight.  And of course, the stem and the base are in a beautiful shade of sapphire blue. The top of the glass is clear.


This set is in excellent vintage condition.  There is no hazing or cloudiness. There are no nicks or chips.  I am not sure they have ever been used. They are in beautiful condition.


A glass stands 6 ½ inches tall with a base diameter of 3 inches and a top diameter of 4 ½ inches. Owing to the thickness of the glass, which gives a good feel when held, a glass weighs in at a hefty 9.5 ounces.


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