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Set of 4 Mid-century Walnut Dining Room Chairs

Set of 4 Mid-century Walnut Dining Room Chairs


A set of 4 walnut, re-covered, mid-century styled dining room chairs from Snowdrift Antiques.


This set of four walnut dining room chairs is unmarked, so we don’t know who made them.  That is a shame because they have beautiful lines.


They have a curved, canoe shaped back rest with a supporting stretcher bar below it.  They have stretcher bars on both sides and diagonal supporting bars underneath. The legs are round and nicely tapered. These chairs have been beautifully and professionally re-covered in Koll Fabrics’ Diva line in the color called Bamboo. They also have new high density foam for luxurious comfort. They are almost certainly American made and from the 1960s.


The footprint is 18 inches deep by 17 wide.  The back height measures 30 ½ inches high with a seat height of 19. The seat width is 17 ½ inches.


This set is in excellent vintage condition. They have much less than age appropriate wear. I find no repairs and they are solid in construction.


This is a beautiful set of four walnut dining chairs in a medium walnut stain that should go well with most tables you will find from the era.



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