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Curtis Jere Metal Art

Square Metal Wall Art Signed by C. Jere'


Curtis Jere’ is a compound pen name or nom de plume of artists and brothers-in-law Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels. This artistic pair used enamel, brass, copper and steel to create decorative metal sculptures of various types. Their collaboration began in 1963, fueled by their shared interest of “creating gallery quality art for the masses”. Typically, their pieces bear the signature “C. Jere' ".

Fels served as head of design while Freiler, known for his agile metalwork, was the production chief. Together, they created some of the most striking and vivid furnishings and decorative objects of their era, from sculptures and dynamically framed mirrors, to lighting and various eclectic metal creations. Today, their pieces are highly sought after by midcentury art collectors and aficionados.

In order to manufacture their creations they founded the company Artisan House to also function as a worldwide distributor. Artisan House was sold in 1972. Jerry Fels passed away in 2007 at the age of 90. In 2013 Curt Freiler passed away at the age of 103.

This piece is a very different style than you will typically see from C. Jere’. It is a mix of copper, brass and steel but in a solid form. Typically C. Jere’ pieces are light and airy with a lot of open space within the piece. Along with being very different, comes hard to find. I have found this type of C. Jere’ work on the internet a couple of times, but it doesn’t come along very often. I believe this piece is probably from the early to mid 1970s.

It is a mix of welded copper, brass and steel and possibly some other metals as well. It is a complex mix of different background shades and colors with welded metal supports and rectangles of various sizes. It is a beautiful mix of metal work with an industrial vibe that stays true to its midcentury roots. Most, if not all C. Jere’ pieces were signed with a very small “© C. Jere’ “, and that is the case here; see image 4. It has two metal tabs in back for hanging.

This piece is in very good vintage condition. There is one small area (see image 6) where careful inspection may lead one to believe it may have taken a hit at some point in its life. From a distance, it is not noticeable, in my opinion. I have taken the dust off it with a damp paper towel. I would not advise trying to polish it. You don't want to lose the signature.

This piece measures 24 inches square by 2 ¼ inches deep and weighs 14 pounds.

This is a remarkable and rare midcentury piece with a unique style.



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