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Vintage Culver 22K Gold Highball Glasses in Pattern "Giraffes"

Vintage Culver 22K Gold Highball Glasses in Pattern "Giraffes"


A set of 8 Culver highball glasses with 22K gold giraffe graphics offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


Culver Ltd. was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1939. Back in the day, Culver glasses were known to be lavish and full of style with their 22K gold accents. Today they are still full of style and highly sought after as mid-century glassware. From the 1950s through the 1960s Culver gained fame and their products became collectible. They were known for being sold only at high end stores where people dressed up to go shopping. Culver was sold in 1996.


This set of 8 highball glasses is one of the most difficult to find of the many Culver designs, the “Giraffe”. All Culver glassware are works of art, but this pattern is particularly well done.


First of all, if you are familiar with Culver you might recognize that the 22K gold used in this pattern is slightly different. It is a slightly more muted, slightly “softer” gold color. Also the brown spots of each giraffe have a raised texture that feels like enamel. There is a narrow band of gold outlined in the brown enamel around the top. Each glass features what appears to be a “Mama” giraffe and her calf with some brown enamel and 22K gold “grass” at the bottom. The classic Culver script logo is present on all glasses. These glasses are from the late 1950s – early 1960s.


A glass measures 5 ½ inches tall by 2 ¾ inches in diameter.


This set is in excellent vintage condition. With Culvers, the completeness of the graphics and especially the 22K gold is key. This set of 8 appears to have never been used. I see no loss to the gold or the enamel on any of the glasses. Even the giraffe’s mane, which is very finely done in 22K gold, is perfect. The preservation of detail is the best I have ever seen on a set of Culvers. They have excellent clarity with no hazing whatsoever.


This set will be double boxed and extensively protected. You will pay more for shipping but this art work will arrive intact.


This is a very rare set of 8 Culver glasses with mid-century style.



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