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Vintage Intricately Carved Room Divider with Asian Motifs

Vintage Intricately Carved Room Divider with Asian Motifs


A vintage 4 panel folding room divider with extensive carvings offered by Snowdrift Antiques.


This vintage room divider consists of 4 panels with extensive carvings.  It is connected with heavy brass hinges. It is unmarked so we don’t know who made it or exactly when it was made.  It is most likely from the 1950s or 1960s and probably from the southeast Asia area. I am not certain of the type of wood used, but it is heavy, on the darker side with a beautiful grain. I have read descriptions of similar pieces claiming the wood is sandalwood, camphor or teak.  I am not certain of the wood type, so I won’t guess.


On one side, the 4 panels are carved in relief with extensive floral depictions including bamboo.  On the other side are less ornate carvings of Asian motif plants. This is a beautifully done piece by a highly skilled artisan. The hinge hardware is brass and substantial in its design.


Each panel measures 72 inches high by 17 ½ inches wide and 1 inch thick.


This piece is in excellent vintage condition.  I have oiled it lightly to relieve it from its very dry state due to the Colorado climate.  The grain came alive and is beautiful both in its striation and color.  There is some age appropriate wear here and there, proclaiming its vintage age, but no large chips or nicks.  It is structurally sound.


This is a beautifully done piece from probably about 50 to 70 years ago.  As room dividers go, it is without a doubt the most intricate and refined one I have ever seen.  It will make a statement in any room.

This piece can be seen and purchased at ...


The Antique Exchange

1500 South Broadway

Denver, CO


Questions about or to purchase contact me at...snowdriftantiques@gmail.com


Shipping is available.

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