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Vintage UFO Lamp

Vintage UFO Ceiling Lamp with Adjustable Height Cord


This is a classic UFO ceiling light with the adjustable height cord.


Everyone over the age of about 55 remembers these ceiling lights. They are called a UFO light for their distinctive saucer shape. it has the cord collector above it which coils the cord so the entire light can be pulled down to its preferred height. It is from the 1960s.


The copper color top has decorative holes that allow light through.  The switch turns on one, two or three lights.


The lamp has a diameter of about 16 inches and can be pulled down to about 46 inches from the ceiling.


This lamp is in excellent vintage condition.  There are no dents and it works perfectly. The glass is free of nicks, chips or cracks,


This is a cool lamp that looks right at home over a mid-century dining room table.


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